Q. What is encapsulation in OOPS ?
Q. Explain Ploymorphism with examples ?
Q. Difference between method overloading and overwriting ?
Q. What is the use of annotations ?
Q. what is serialization? why we need serialization ?
Q. What is autoboxing and unboxing in JAVA ?
Q. Explain collection heirarchy ?
Q. Difference between map and hash map ?
Q. How internal working hashmap differs from HashSet?
Q. Explain internal archetecture of tree map ?
Q. Explain dynamic bining in java ?
Q. How to create custom immutable class ?
Q. How to Singleton class and what are the advantages of it ?
Q. Explain string pooling ?
Q. How many ways to create object in java ?
Q. Explain about equals and hashcode methods ?
Q. How to create immutable collections ?
Q. How to create singleton collections ?
Q. What are the stereotype annotations in spring and explain them ?
Q. Difference between controller and rest controller ?
Q. Explain advantages of rest api ?
Q. Difference between JPA and Hibernate ?
Q. What is Spring MVC
Q. How to mock the objects in Junit ?
Q. Explain Java8 features ?
Q. What is Streaming ?
Q. What is micro services ?
Q. What is Normalization in SQL and what are its benefits ?
Q. Explain the role of garbage collector in Java. What is finalize() method in it ?
Q. Why use exception, explain compile time exception and runtime ?

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