Q. Explain your Application architecture ?
Q. What is the difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction ?
Q. Difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder ?
Q. Describe some of the Design Patterns you have used ?
Q. Explain Generics in Java ?
Q. Difference between Include Directive and Include Tag ?
Q. Difference between JSP and Servlets ?
Q. Difference between Hashtable and HashMap ?
Q. Exaplin Hashtable ?
Q. Why do we go for jpa and ejb? Can we use any other framework ?
Q. What are inner classes and what are the types ?
Q. Explain singleton pattern ?
Q. What is WSDL? What is the advantage of webservices ?
Q. Explain thread life cycle ?
Q. Difference between sleep and wait ?
Q. Exaplain hash code and equals methods ?
Q. In Java, if we insert a return statement inside the try block of a try-catch-finally, will the finally block still get executed ?
Q. Difference between array and vector ?
Q. Difference between synchronised block and synchronised method ?
Q. What is the use of toString() method wrt an object ?
Q. What are Servlet Filters ?
Q. Why String is final in Java ?
Q. How to create custome immutable class in java ?
Q. what are immutable classes availbale in java ?
Q. Exaplin Exceptoin heirarchy ?
Q. What are the different types of collections in java ?

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