Q. What is the difference between passing variable by value or by reference in C++ and Java ?
Q. Explain OOPS Concept ?
Q. What is Constructor overriding/overloading ?
Q. What is Abstraction in Detail and Explain Inheritence ?
Q. Explain Collection and its types ?
Q. Difference between LinkedList and ArrayList ?
Q. Difference between Map and ConcurentMap ?
Q. Explain how multithreading works ?
Q. What is difference between Procedure and Function in SQL ?
Q. Difference between varchar and varchar2 ?
Q. What is Index in SQL ?
Q. What is the difference between Serializable and Externalizable interfaces ?
Q. Explain the difference between Shallow Copy and Deep Copy ?
Q. What is Bean Factory, have you used XMLBeanFactory ?
Q. What are the difference between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext in Spring ?
Q. What is the role of DispatcherServlet in Spring MVC ?
Q. What is Classloader ?
Q. What is Caching and how can you implement your Cache ?
Q. How Hibernate Implements it’s Caching ?
Q. What’s the software development cycle ?
Q. Write a function to calculate the factorial ?
Q. What’s the difference between agile and waterfall ?
Q. What is the difference between multi tasking, multi processing and multi programming operating systems?
Q. How to read and write image from a file ?
Q. What is difference between static and init block in java ?
Q. How ConcurrentMap works ?
Q. Can a static block throw exception ?
Q. What are Spring beans ?
Q. What is Spring IOC container ?
Q. Explain Bean lifecycle in Spring framework ?
Q. How to load properties file in spring ?

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