Q. Explain about class loaders in Java ?
Q. Explain static keyword in Java ?
Q. What is ConcurrentMap?
Q.  Difference between throw and throws?
Q. Difference between iterator access and index access?
Q.  Difference between Serializable and Externalizable interfaces ?
Q. Which Interface is used to make duplicate of Objects ?
Q. Explain JVM archetecture?
Q. What is memory leak in Java ?
Q. Can we throw exception from finally block ?
Q. What is the use of toString() method wrt an object ?
Q. What are Servlet Filters ?
Q.  Why String is final in Java ?
Q. What is streaming ?
Q. What are the methods of Object Class ?
Q. What is the return type of constructor ?
Q. What are the advantages of spring framework?
Q. What is Spring?
Q. What are the different scopes in Spring framework?
Q. What is Spring configuration file?
Q. What is Dependency Injection?

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