Q. What is difference between overloading and overriding in java ?
Q. What is the difference between StringBuffer and String ?
Q. Why multiple inheritance is not supported in java ?
Q. Can a top level class be private or protected ?
Q. What is immutable object? Can you write immutable object?
Q. What is the difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder?
Q. Can you access non static variable in static context?
Q. Difference between HashMap and HashSet in java?
Q. What is session ?
Q. Steps to implement JDBC connection ?
Q. Difference between prepared statement and statement ?
Q. What is the difference between a static and non-static method ?
Q. How are command line arguments passed in java ?
Q. What are transient variables ?
Q. Explain the life cycle methods of a Servlet ?
Q. Difference between ServletConfig and ServletContext ?
Q. What are the types of Dependency Injection in Spring ?
Q. What is BeanFactory in Spring framework ?
Q. Explain DataAccessException ?
Q. How will you detect memory leak in your application ?

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