Q. What is the difference between equals() and == ?
Q. Exaplin about transient variable ?
Q. What is runtime polymorphism ?
Q. Write the code to initialize the inner class members ?
Q. How to retrieve the elements from the collection write the code ?
Q. Define static and instance vaiables and methods ?
Q. Define dynamic loading and static loading ?
Q. What type of loading is class.forname() ?
Q. What are the advantages of hibenate ?
Q. What is Syncronization ?
Q. What are the most commonly used classes in collections ?
Q. Name the different modules of the Spring framework ?
Q. What are the differences between constructor injection and setter injection ?
Q. What is autowiring in Spring?
Q. What are the autowiring modes?
Q. What are the important Spring annotations which you have used ?
Q. What are the differences between get and load methods ?
Q. What are the JSP implicit objects ?
Q. How to delete a Cookie in a JSP ?
Q. Difference between string literal and String Object ?
Q. Explain about string pool ?
Q. Exaplin Exceptoin heirarchy ?
Q. What are the different types of collections in java ?
Q. Difference between array list and vector list?
Q. Write a query to retrieve for many to many relationships ?
Q. Write a query to get the highest and second highest term in oracle ?
Q. How do you pass parameter in stored procedure ?

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