Q. Explain about your current project ?
Q. Difference between class and interface ?
Q. What is Singleton class, how to create it ?
Q. What is difference between Hashmap and Hashset ?
Q. Difference between Linked list and ArrayList ?
Q. What is Concurrent Hashmap? Exaplain internal implementation of Concurrent HashMap ?
Q. Can we declare final inside abstract class and interface ?
Q. Which Jar we need for spring annotation ?
Q. Difference between @Controller and @RestControllor ?
Q. What is the underlined design pattern implemented in hibernate ?
Q. What are the advantages of spring framework?
Q. What is Spring?
Q. What are the different scopes in Spring framework?
Q. What is Spring configuration file?
Q. What is Dependency Injection?
Q. What are the different types of dependency injections?
Q. Which DI would you suggest Constructor-based or setter-based DI?
Q. What is the difference between equals() and == ?
Q. How to create custom immutable class ?
Q. Explain Exception handling heirarchy ?
Q. What is autowiring in spring ?
Q. Difference between Beanfactory and Applicationcontext ?
Q. What is the Difference between get() and load() in hibernate ?

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