Q. What was your major project?
Q. Explain object oriented concepts/Principles ?
Q. What is polymorphism ?
Q. Explain Exception handling heirarchy ?
Q. Give best example for checked exception ?
Q. Difference between SynchronizedMap and ConcurrentHashMap ?
Q. How to create singleton class ?
Q. What is an immutable object ?
Q. Is String immutable, Explain ?
Q. Difference between String a = “abc” or new String(“abc”) ?
Q. Difference between HashMap and HashTable ?
Q. Explain thread Life cycle ?
Q. Different type of Spring bean scopes ?
Q. What is Maven and why do we need it ?
Q. How Hashmap works internally ?
Q. How does the size of Arraylist increases dynamically ?
Q. How do you create a basic Spring Boot application and how do you run it?
Q. Explain flow of Spring MVC application ?
Q. Difference between equals() and hashcode() ?
Q. What is comparator ?
Q. We have equals() to compare two methods then why comparator again ?
Q. What is autowiring in spring ?
Q. We can get the container obj through Beanfactory and Applicationcontext what is the difference in both ?
Q. What is the Difference between get() and load() in hibernate ?
Q. What is micro services ?
Q. What is Normalization in SQL and what are its benefits ?

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