Q. What is encapsulation in OOPS ?
Q. Explain Ploymorphism with examples ?
Q. Difference between method overloading and overwriting ?
Q. What is the use of annotations ?
Q. what is serialization? why we need serialization ?
Q. What is Abstract class and interface, when we need to use them.
Q. What is the significance of concurrency api ? What are the api you have used ?
Q. What is difference between Hashmap and Hashset.
Q. What is use of Linked list over ArrayList
Q. What is Concurrent Hashmap? Give me the internal implementation of Concurrent HashMap.
Q. Difference between page and pagecontext in jsp ?
Q. What is application in jsp ?
Q. How to create immutable collection in java ?
Q. How to create the userdefined immutable class ?
Q. Explain Exception handling heirarchy ?
Q. What is autowiring in spring ?
Q. Difference between Beanfactory and Applicationcontext ?
Q. What is the Difference between get() and load() in hibernate ?
Q. How to read the data from console and print ?
Q. Do you have any knowledge on Streams ?
Q. What are client validations? Which technology you have used for client validations ?
Q. What is importance of @RestControllor ?
Q. Different types of EJBs ?
Q. Difference between Stateful and Stateless Session Beans ?
Q. What are CMP and BMP beans – explain in detail ?

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